Joji's Portal

I've been researching other digital artists a fair amount of late, and I'm blown away with the quality of work that exists in the world. So many people are pushing the limits of what I've ever thought of, and it's incredibly humbling to see how much is being done all around me. 

A lot of my research has been centered on audiovisual artists. I've always been interested in creating responsive/interactive pieces that organically play with whatever sounds they hear, but I started to notice that some of the more compelling work I was seeing seemed tailor-made for specific songs or sounds. I decided to take a shot at this myself and focus on creating a "music video" of sorts.

I just started listening to Joji on the recommendation of a nice dude at B-24's Espresso Bar, and I'm really digging his music. I wrote a little bit of code in Processing and recorded a live performance of me creating a simple visualization in time with the song. I then loaded the resulting video into Premiere Pro and pushed and pulled it into its final form.

This is a totally new medium for me - please let me know what you think!