Joji's Portal

I've been researching other digital artists a fair amount of late, and I'm blown away with the quality of work that exists in the world. So many people are pushing the limits of what I've ever thought of, and it's incredibly humbling to see how much is being done all around me. 

A lot of my research has been centered on audiovisual artists. I've always been interested in creating responsive/interactive pieces that organically play with whatever sounds they hear, but I started to notice that some of the more compelling work I was seeing seemed tailor-made for specific songs or sounds. I decided to take a shot at this myself and focus on creating a "music video" of sorts.

I just started listening to Joji on the recommendation of a nice dude at B-24's Espresso Bar, and I'm really digging his music. I wrote a little bit of code in Processing and recorded a live performance of me creating a simple visualization in time with the song. I then loaded the resulting video into Premiere Pro and pushed and pulled it into its final form.

This is a totally new medium for me - please let me know what you think!

Corona (work in progress)

I'm building a custom light rig to enable some interesting explorations in portrait photography. Corona is a Neopixel light ring which is infinitely adjustable through a custom software interface. My hope is to use this to create strangely colored portraits in RAW image files (no post processing needed).

Dyad 2017

Just showed work at my biggest event yet - Dyad 2017! I shared the updated Foxfire 2017 array (new concrete bases) as well as a brand new piece, Madrugada. Dyad 2017 was a ~100 person event in Half Moon Bay celebrating the interaction and intersection of the natural world and the technological world.

Foxfire 2017 (work in progress)

Making some new concrete bases for Foxfire modules. This update will allow them to be easy to transport and freestanding at events. The new bases have integrated PVC sleeves and cable routing to make it easier to set up the array.

Hummingbird Feeder Flower

Designed and 3D printed a replacement hummingbird feeder flower since we had lost a few. Hoping that the little foot stand allows the hummingbirds to rest for a bit when they're feeding!


100 Shots of Espresso

Between 2 April 2016 and 29 September 2016, I* pulled and recorded 100 shots of espresso. Here's six months of morning ritual condensed into eighty-seven seconds of fun.

*Note: My lovely partner has a few cameos in here too.

Life announcement

I quit my job nine days ago.

Moving forwards, I'm going to work for myself and focus on practicing generative creativity on a regular basis. I've got some things in the works, but first and foremost my goal is to work on making things as often as I can. I'll share the journey here.

Additive Manufacturing + Ceramics!

I've been wanting to test out Shapeways' glossy porcelain for a while, but haven't been sure exactly to make. Ever since living next to the 22 in San Francisco, I've gotten used to sleeping with earplugs. I tend to leave them scattered wherever they fall when I wake up. In an effort to make my home space a bit more organized, I cooked up a simple earplug dish to keep the little dudes collected on my bedside table.

Available for purchase on Shapeways.

Earplug dish in glossy white porcelain.

Earplug dish in glossy white porcelain.

2 years later...

I've finally put a bit of new work up on the site. Foxfire is up, as well as some work-in-progress 2D I'm designing for an event at the California Academy of Sciences. More details to come on Foxfire at some point... maybe I'll just wait until Foxfire 2016 to update that page.

As always, my goal is to stay creative and to stay active in sharing my work. I'm only okay at the first, and I'm pretty shoddy at the second. I think I need to set some sort of time-based goal to keep myself on track. Perhaps one post per month, minimum, no matter how rough the work. Let's see how that goes.

October, check.