Lightchimes is an interactive chandelier, a twinkling sky you can touch, one-hundred-sixty-nine fireflies that sparkle as you run your hands through them. A collaboration with Jimmy Chion and Jason Chua, Lightchimes started as a Stanford Arts Grant funded project in late 2009. The first iteration debuted in April 2010 at "An Art Affair", Stanford's annual student art festival. After receiving a second round of funding to improve our piece, we tore it apart and rebuilt the whole thing. Lightchimes (V 2.0) exhibited in October 2010 at a student show (Party on the Edge) at Cantor Arts Center at Stanford.

Lightchimes was also shown at Maker Faire 2011. Make Magazine did an online profile on the piece, and CNET named it one of the "7 Wonders of the Maker Faire".